Nexus Plaminar™ Series

System Specification
Process Type Thermal & plasma time divided ALD
Gases Flow Type Lateral type(Traveling wave)
Available Film Metal oxide thin film based O₂ Plasma
Metal oxide thin film based H₂O
Metal thin film based H₂ Plasma
Film Uniformity Al₂O₃ ± 1% on the 200x200 [mm²] square substrate
Substrate Size & Temperature 25 ~ 400 [℃] ± 1 [%] On The Substrate of 150x150[mm²]
System Dimension
( W x L x H )
920 x 650 x 1100 (Substrate to ground) [mm]
Base Pressure < 5.0 x 10-3 [Torr]
Control System Provided laptop computer & Windows 10 based, advanced and basic GUIs with
Import/export of Excel compatible recipes and data
Number of MFC Carrier & purge gas / 3[EA] & 2nd reactant gas / 2EA
Facilities Requirements Specification
Gases Ar or N₂ more than 4~6 [bar]
Air Clean dry air or N2 more than 4~6 [bar]
Power Ø1 / 220 [V] / 60 [Hz] / more than 80 [A]
Vacuum Pump Needed vacuum oil rotary pump ≥1000 [L/min]